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Глава десятая the Unknown | неизведанное

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Название серии: Глава десятая the Unknown | неизведанное

Описание серии:

Беатрис находит Зверя и Грегори. Позже она помогает Вирту найти Грега.

Beatrice finds Gregory with the Beast, but then gets blown away by the snow storm. Later she lands next to Wirt and Greg's frog, they go towards the place Beatrice found Greg. The Woodsman runs out of oil to keep the lantern lit, and later hears the Beast singing, he approaches the sound, and finds Greg, turning into an Edelwood tree, the Woodsman is shocked to know that this is were the Edelwoods come from, and attacks the Beast. Later, Wirt and Beatrice arrive, they talk to Greg, untill the Woodsman collapses on the floor, the Beast tells Wirt to take over the Woodsman's job by keeping the lantern lit, so Gregory's soul won't die out, but Wirt objects, and frees Greg. The Woodsman realizes that it's the Beast's soul that's in the lantern, which leads to him blowing out the lantern, and the Beast dying. Later, Wirt and Greg wake up in the hospital, and finally get home.

Глава десятая the Unknown | неизведанное