сезон 7 серия 32 Bun Bun

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Название серии: сезон 7 серия 32 Bun Bun

Дата выхода в России: 2016-05-06

Описание серии:

Finn brings a special delivery for Cinnamon Bun to the Fire Kingdom but it may come with a dangerous cost.


Jake is absent in this episode. However, Flame Princess is seen imitating him.
When Cinnamon Bun fist bumps Chet and Crunchy, the same sound effect is used from the intro.

Cultural References

Bun Bun running off and doing the opposite of what Cinnamon Bun tells her is a reference to Popeyewhere Sweet Pea runs off and does the the opposite of what the titular character tells him.

Episode Connections
Production Notes

This is the first episode to air on a Thursday since "Crossover."

Storyline Analysis

This episode marks the first time Finn and Flame Princess have interacted since "The Red Throne." He has apologized to her about the break up seen in "Frost & Fire."

сезон 7 серия 32 Bun Bun