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12 серия 1 сезона Girl Time / Время девочек

Описание сериии:

Not wanting Polly to end up like the boys, Anne plans to give Polly some long-overdue girl time. While going to different places, Anne enjoys the girl time but Polly doesn't. While Anne gets a painful massage from Tuti (April Winchell), Polly ditches her. Anne later finds her with Wally and chastises her for ditching her. Then after Polly says girl time is boring, Anne insults her, hurting her feelings. Anne, along with the boys, gets arrested by Sheriff Leatherleaf (James Adomian) for the IOU's she used to pay the services. They were to be sent to debtor's prison to gather giant spider eggs to pay their debt. Knowing that Polly is a great spitter, Anne wants her to break the spitting record to get the trophy, so their debt can be paid. However, Polly's not up to it because she felt gross about herself. So Anne apologizes to her and accepts her for who she is, giving Polly the motivation to spit. Using their cut of the trophy, Anne has it made into a statue of Polly, which she appreciates.

Энн, решила сделать Полли более женственной. Энн с этой целью выбила у Хоп Попа денежные средства, решив начать преображение с косметических процедур. Ну вот только все опять пошло немного не так 

Дата выхода в России: 2019-06-25
12 серия 1 сезона Girl Time / Время девочек