кармен сандиего | carmen sandiego


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7 серия 1 сезона The Chasing Paper Caper

Описание сериии:

Professor Gunnar Maelstrom schemes for V.I.L.E. to steal all 17 pages of the Magna Carta from a Mumbai museum, with the skill of origami expert Paper Star. However, Shadowsan argues against it, viewing Paper Star as unpredictable, but is outvoted on the matter. In Mumbai, Carmen predicts Maelstrom's plan, and encounters Paper Star: her former classmate from her remedial year. Carmen fights her defensively, but is restrained and unable to stop Paper Star from taking the Magna Carta. The next morning, Devineaux and Argent follow clues from the museum and learn of Paper Star, but are unsure of her relationship to Carmen. When Le Chevre meets Paper Star at the rendezvous, she cuts his hands to make him confess the next drop location, seeing him as an easy mark for capture. Player finds Paper Star on surveillance and tracks her to a train, where Devineaux and Argent are also traveling on; Carmen cuffs Devineaux to a seat and swipes his A.C.M.E. ID Card. Carmen then meets Argent at her table for a short talk before leaving, but Argent realizes that she met her target and looks for Devineaux. Carmen and Paper Star clash once again in another train car, but Carmen gets the upper hand by leading the fight to the roof where the wind counters her origami stars and Carmen gets back the Magna Carta. When Argent finds Devineaux, Carmen covertly leaves the Magna Carta for Argent to find. When asking Player to hack Devineaux's A.C.M.E. keycard, she can't find it realizing Paper Star got a hold of it during their fight. On V.I.L.E. Isle, Paper Star submits the A.C.M.E. keycard as a consolation prize

7 серия 1 сезона The Chasing Paper Caper