кармен сандиего | carmen sandiego


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4 серия 1 сезона The Fishy Doubloon Caper

Описание сериии:

While exploring a shipwreck off the coast of Ecuador, Carmen stumbles upon hidden treasure, but her old classmate "El Topo" battles her underwater while his partner "Le Chevre" confronts Zack and Ivy. The chase continues to the mainland after a tuna swallows an old coin; Chevre and Topo pursue the coin, believing if Carmen is after it then it must be worth a fortune. Carmen meets with Dr. Pilar Marquez, who tells Carmen of the 1830 Ecuadorian dabloon's historical value, prompting Carmen to find it and return it to the doctor. Reaching a fish market in Quito, Carmen faints from altitude sickness, but Pilar finds and treats her. After Zack and Ivy find the right fish, a fight with Topo and Chevre allows Carmen a chance to reclaim the coin without their knowing. Carmen gives the coin to Pilar, and the two part ways as friends, as Carmen must intercept another V.I.L.E. target in the Rijksmuseum. Meanwhile, after Devineaux and Argent part ways after a long day, two agents kidnap Devineaux to have a holographic conference call with the Chief of A.C.M.E. to have him join. But during their call, Argent finds them and is recruited as well

4 серия 1 сезона The Fishy Doubloon Caper