кармен сандиего | carmen sandiego


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3 серия 1 сезона The Sticky Rice Caper

Описание сериии:

Escaping on the River Seine, a pair of unidentified agents pursue Carmen, but she escapes with the help of her partners: Boston siblings Zack and Ivy. Player navigates Carmen, Zack and Ivy to a secret lab in Java, Indonesia, where V.I.L.E. is developing a fungus designed to destroy the country's rice supply, to shill in a market for their V.I.L.E. Brand rice. Meanwhile, before Devineaux and Argent can interview Crackle, the 'Cleaners' pick him up and take him back to V.I.L.E. Isle and erase all evidence he was there. V.I.L.E. also orders Tigress, another of Carmen's old classmates, to intercept her. Carmen's team track the supply truck carrying the bioweapon to a festival, planning to covertly disperse the fungus in fireworks, but Carmen and company succeed in stopping Tigress and destroy the fungus. After the festival, Crackle is brought before Professor Bellum for a debriefing, and she plugs a device on his head. The next day, the two unknown agents from Paris, get a call from their Chief to begin "Plan B"

3 серия 1 сезона The Sticky Rice Caper