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carmen sandiego Carmen Sandiego 2019 1 сезон

Upon learning Divineaux is the card owner, the V.I.L.E. faculty review his profile and recent events, concluding that wherever Carmen Sandiego went, Devineaux was there: Cleo's residence in Poitiers, Crackle after Carmen defeated him, and the stolen Vermeer art auction. They all conclude Carmen isn't working alone, theorizing Devineaux is a partner, so Shadowsan elects himself to go interrogate Devineaux, but on his way, Brunt elects to accompany him, and majority vote allows it. In Poitiers, Chief berates Devineaux for his losing or destruction of A.C.M.E. property, while she commends Argent for retrieving the Magna Carta. After the meeting, Devineaux argues with Argent that Carmen Sandiego is her "silent partner", but Argent believes Carmen is doing some covert good returning stolen works. Irritated, she asks if he bothered to consider V.I.L.E. a factor, but he doesn't think V.I.L.E. exists since A.C.M.E. has yet to prove so; he believes Carmen Sandiego is the only guilty party. Upon returning home, the Cleaners capture Devineaux, leaving a message on the Dark Web for Carmen which Player relays to her. Finding Devineaux in Poitiers, they find Brunt and Shadowsan using a mind probe on him, so Zack & Ivy distract the two. But when Zack is found by Brunt, she races to return to where Devineaux is held. Carmen rescues Devineaux, who triggers the comm-pen to call the Chief before passing out, and finally encounters Carmen; who shatters the pen. Argent is alerted by the Chief to Devineaux's location, and has backup on the way. Before Carmen can free Devineaux, Brunt returns and overwhelms Carmen with superior physical strength. As Brunt bear hugs Carmen to death, Shadowsan returns and stuns Brunt unconscious, then proceeding to help Carmen to a safe location, while the authorities arrive to help Devineaux. But Brunt wakes up before capture, and becomes suspicious when Shadowsan is nowhere to be found. Elsewhere, Shadowsan reveals he was the one who found Carmen as a baby in Argentina those nearly 20 years ago, and intentionally failed her, knowing she would reject evil. The day she escaped, he was trying to join her, but she got away before that could happen, so he kept the Cleaners from finding her. When informing Player, Shadowsan vanishes and leaves behind another V.I.L.E. data hard-drive for more capers. In the city, Argent reports to Chief that Devineaux's condition is unknown until tests are ran. The Chief, going off the few seconds she had with Carmen, believes she took his keycard to lure Devineaux into a trap, and did the mind probe on him and deems her a threat

9 серия 1 сезона The French Connection Caper

8 серия 1 сезона The Lucky Cat Caper

Professor Gunnar Maelstrom schemes for V.I.L.E. to steal all 17 pages of the Magna Carta from a Mumbai museum, with the skill of origami expert Paper Star. However, Shadowsan argues against it, viewing Paper Star as unpredictable, but is outvoted on the matter. In Mumbai, Carmen predicts Maelstrom's plan, and encounters Paper Star: her former classmate from her remedial year. Carmen fights her defensively, but is restrained and unable to stop Paper Star from taking the Magna Carta. The next morning, Devineaux and Argent follow clues from the museum and learn of Paper Star, but are unsure of her relationship to Carmen. When Le Chevre meets Paper Star at the rendezvous, she cuts his hands to make him confess the next drop location, seeing him as an easy mark for capture. Player finds Paper Star on surveillance and tracks her to a train, where Devineaux and Argent are also traveling on; Carmen cuffs Devineaux to a seat and swipes his A.C.M.E. ID Card. Carmen then meets Argent at her table for a short talk before leaving, but Argent realizes that she met her target and looks for Devineaux. Carmen and Paper Star clash once again in another train car, but Carmen gets the upper hand by leading the fight to the roof where the wind counters her origami stars and Carmen gets back the Magna Carta. When Argent finds Devineaux, Carmen covertly leaves the Magna Carta for Argent to find. When asking Player to hack Devineaux's A.C.M.E. keycard, she can't find it realizing Paper Star got a hold of it during their fight. On V.I.L.E. Isle, Paper Star submits the A.C.M.E. keycard as a consolation prize

7 серия 1 сезона The Chasing Paper Caper

Heading to Australia on a lead, Carmen visits the Sydney Opera House for during a coincidentally named showing of "Carmen". Crackle's there too, but he doesn't recognize Carmen and is identified by his real name Graham, confusing Carmen as to what V.I.L.E. could have done to him. Carmen finds and tangles with V.I.L.E. operative Le Chevre in the catwalk, but instead of finishing her, he deploys a low-frequency device and leaves. Analyzing the data from Carmen's comms, Player finds a hypnotic suggestion by Dr. Saira Bellum, intended for Jeanine Dennam, a rocket scientist working at Helio-Gem, at the opera; Carmen realizes she too was affected. Outside the opera, Carmen meets with Graham again, and he asks her to a date hoping she'll make it. Reaching the outback in the morning with their guide, Miro, they tour around Uluru, the sacred rock of his people. Player calls Carmen, and deduces V.I.L.E.'s plan: launch a defective rocket to rain debris over the outback, to force Helio-Gem to shutdown, and allowing V.I.L.E. to take over government contracts. heading to the launch station, Zack and Ivy work to keep Dennam in check, while Carmen works to keep the rocket grounded. Elsewhere, El Topo hacks into the station's audio system playing the trigger music; as Zack and Ivy restrain Dennam, Carmen is affected and starts the launch sequence, giving the team only 3 minutes. Player alerts Zack and Ivy, as they handle Topo and Chevre respectively, and with the two villains driven away, Carmen returns to normal and stops the rocket in time. That night, Carmen goes to the café to meet Graham, but decides that he'll be happier and safer without 'Carmen Sandiego' in his life. On V.I.L.E. Isle, Professor Maelstrom assigns the next agent to fight Carmen Sandiego

6 серия 1 сезона The Opera in the Outback Caper

In Amsterdam, Carmen goes undercover to stop Countess Cleo, the mastermind who's been replacing priceless paintings with amazingly accurate forgeries. To do this, she steals the last Vermeer painting on the list, and sets up a meeting. But at the hotel room awaiting their contact, Zack mistakenly opens the door to Countess Cleo's assistant Dash Haber, giving them only 24 hours to turn the bumbling Bostonian boy into a convincing Duke. Elsewhere, Devineaux and Argent search for "The Dutchess", unaware that she is Carmen's alias to infiltrate Cleo's gathering. After preparing Zack and following from a safe reach, Carmen finds Devineaux following them, and eludes him again. As Zack meets the Countess, Carmen infiltrates her manor to switch the stolen painting collection with blanks, but is running out of time. When dinner ends and dessert is being handed out, Cleo surprises everyone with Caviar, and Zack hates fish which causes a moment of suspicion for Cleo, until Devineaux arrives to warn them that Carmen Sandiego is on the property; coincidentally allowing Carmen the extended time needed to steal all the paintings. Cleo is surprised to hear this until she sees a red cloak woman motor-skiing away, but still finds her collection gone. Devineaux catches up with "Carmen", but it's Ivy pretending to be a tourist in a red cloak angry at Devineaux's recklessness following her, while Zack and Carmen escape with the paintings. The next day, A.C.M.E. finds the manor destroyed and no trace remaining, as well as all Vermeer paintings returned. In Sydney, Crackle gets off a bus in front of the Sydney Opera House

5 серия 1 сезона The Duke of Vermeer Caper

4 серия 1 сезона The Fishy Doubloon Caper

3 серия 1 сезона The Sticky Rice Caper

2 серия 1 сезона Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part II

1 серия 1 сезона Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I

Описание сериала:

Carmen is a modern day Robin Hood traveling the globe and stealing from V.I.L.E. (Villain's International League of Evil) and giving back to its victims. Carmen is publicly perceived as a criminal by most law enforcement agencies – correction, make that a master criminal due to the sheer scale and theatricality of her heists. We will follow her escapades and get to determine not only where but who in the world is Carmen Sandiego?